The best way you can help is to get the word out–talk to your friends and neighbors, make sure that they’re voting, and make sure that they know what I stand for.

You can also put up a yard sign on your property or business to show your support or print out a smaller sign and put it in your car window.

Just like last election, I’m holding “Office Hours” so that folks can get to know me a little better, ask me questions, and bring up your ideas and concerns about the school district. The schedule for the summer is as follows:

Friday, July 7, 1-3pm: Penn Cove Brewery & Tap Room, Freeland
Friday, July 21, 9-11am: Seabiscuit Bakery, Bayview
Friday, August 4, 1-3pm: Penn Cove Brewery & Tap Room, Freeland
Saturday, August 12, 10-noon: Seabiscuit Bakery, Bayview
Saturday, August 26, 4-6pm: Penn Cove Brewery & Tap Room, Freeland

Hope to see you there!

You can also write a Letter to the Editor to the South Whidbey Record explaining why you think I’d be great on the School Board, and/or why you think passing the school bond is so important.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at: