I believe that you can’t serve people if you don’t listen to them. I want to be part of a school board that listens to the community when it’s speaking instead of waiting until they’re shouting. I want to reach out to teachers, students, classified staff, administrators, parents, and other community members, to listen to their ideas and concerns, and to follow through on them.

As a former volunteer coordinator and advertising copywriter, I know the power of listening, and of making sure that people know that you’re listening to them. It’s a wonderful way not only to get fantastic ideas, but to give people a stake in what you’re trying to do, to make them feel like they’re part of a community.

The school district has begun to do this in response to very vocal input from the community, but I believe that communication should be a point of emphasis, both with the community and within the school district itself. There have been lapses in communication within the district that have led to confusion and frustration among parents and teachers, and I believe that cleaning these up should be a major point of emphasis.